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Book heritage of the Orenburg Region

A National Preservation Program for Libraries Collections of the Russian Federation (2001) has set the task of the recreating the book heritage, the unification of the activities in finding, listing, describing, preserving and using the book heritage.

In various Institutions of the Orenburg Region are preserved documents of an outstanding spiritual, artist and material value.

The Orenburg Regional Library is an active preserver of a cultural heritage of Orenburg Region. It keeps 32 documents with a status federal heritage.

In 2007 the Orenburg regional library stated implementation of the project to set up the Region Centre for handling the book heritage of the region.

For the time being, the Regional List of Book Heritage features 7 archives, 12 collections and 800 documents.

Collection of rare music publications

The Musical Division has in its possession the largest collection of rare music editions, ite comprises 588 items from XIX-XX, including 167 sheets music published before the revolution 1917. It is a unique collection with lifetime editions by Russian and foreign music classics - P. I. Tchaikovsky, A.N. Rimsky-Korsakov, A. N. Scriabin, S. V. Rakhmaninov, L. Beethoven, E. Grieg, F. Chopin, published by the leading publishing houses of that time: P. Yurgenson, M. Belyaev, A. Gutkheyl, L. Idzikovsky, K. Peters, "W. Bessel and Comp.", "Detlaf and Comp.", "Mayzel and Comp." and other

The collection contains 32 titles of lifetime publications by P. Tchaikovsky issued by P. Yurgenson Publishers. Editions from 1914-1917 are of interest. They are mostly songs of civic signification.

The editions of the 20th the 40th of the XX century are represented by works of popular Russians and foreign composers for all kind of music interpretation teaching and concert repertoire, scores, songbooks, specific romances and songs. The collection of music editions is set up on the bases of the private collection, gifts of people of Orenburg. For instance the precious gift from the descendents of Pavel Petrovitch Vasiliev, the composer, public and musical figure and the collector of folklore of the Orenburg region Pavel Petrovich Maloy, the teacher of Children musical school and other.

Database Ecology of the Ural River Basin

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Full-text database P. I. Rychkov Columbus of the Orenburg Region

Full-text database S. T. Aksakov I plunge into the natures world

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